Frequently Asked Questions

How old can one start doing archery?

Usually from 6 years old. But ultimately the physique of the person will determine.

Archery is always outdoor?

Not true. We usually contact archery indoor for beginners and corporate customers. Indoor is weather proof & haze proof. We of course can conduct outdoor session as well. In fact we can use safety netting to convert literally any indoor space into safe archery ranges. Please see some of our reference pictures. We converted school dance studios, school halls, classrooms, conference rooms into archery ranges.

One needs to sweat during archery sessions/ One needs to wear sports attire for archery sessions.

Not true. All we ask is you wear covered shoes. Office workers for corporate events can even come for our archery sessions in any covered shoes. During our movie / product launches, members of the public simply come to our booth in any attire to try out. We of course prefer all participants to wear casual or sports attire if possible. But sports attire is not compulsory and participants sweating will not usually happen and one only use upper body for our recreational sessions.

Does one need to purchase any equipment?

For ACE Archery, we usually provide all equipment needed.

Is there difference between right handed bow and left handed bow?

For ACE Archery, we do not use one piece moulded riser which let the arrows rest on the grip area. We use the actual recurve take down bows where there is left handed rights different from right handed riser.

Is archery a dangerous sport?

Like all sports, safety will be achieved as long as archery is conducted by qualified instructors using the appropriate equipment in a correct range setting. Participants must of course follow all safety rules / instructions.